Murano island


I primi documenti che ci giungono sull'arte vetraria veneziana risalgono all'anno 982 d.C., anno in cui compare il nome di un artigiano vetraio a Venezia, quindi possiamo supporre che quest'arte, tuttora attiva, sia più che millenaria in tutto il mondo. Dopo il 982 si ebbe la conferma dell'esistenza di altri vetrai veneziani, ma nel XIII secolo il predominio risultò nettamente degli artigiani muranesi. Ciò fu dovuto al fatto che le vetrerie si concentrarono naturalmente nell'isola di Murano, tanto che nel 1291 lo Stato stabilì la distruzione di vetrerie costruite a Venezia deputandone a Murano l'origine storica, tanto è vero che al giorno d'oggi alcune dinastie vetrarie hanno prodotto la loro attività ininterrottamente.






Established in 1990, Signoretto Lampadari is one of the authentic productive realities on the island of Murano. Thanks to the technical knowledge, to the dexterity in production, and to the creative mastery of Masters Gianni and Loris Signoretto, Signoretto Lampadari is specialized in the production of sumptuous 1700 "Rezzonico" and "Venetian" chandeliers, reproducing today an art which for centuries have adorned the most refined places in the world.

Characteristic of Signoretto Lampadari are carefully cured designs, high quality material, originality and versitality of shape, and refined chromatic choice, all qualities which render these objects the deserving heirs of tradition from the Murano school of glass, and which integrate perfectly in either classical or modern furnishings.

Always attentive to fashion and trends of the moment, Signoretto Lampadari also boast a special line of chandeliers from a linear and modern design which, with their forms, brilliant colors and fascinating details, make an element of high quality furninshing.


Il Vetro



Achievement and success originate even from the familial contribution to the company, which bring into partnership to the production of Masters Gianni and Loris, the collaboration of other members of the family, Omar, Valeria and Thomas, responsible for the mounting, packaging and marketing departments.

The fundamental philosophy which distinguishes the Signoretto Lampadari is the possibility to create, modify and personalize requests and needs of clients with ever attentive and original solutions.

The guarantee of originality for Signoretto Lampadari is certified by the brand, "Vetro Artistico Murano" (Artistic Glass Murano), consessionaire number 30, which protects one of the most famous symbols of "Made in Italy", glass from Murano.

Creations from Signoretto Lampadari emphasize artisan work, exalting glass and its pliable characteristics: one union which only an artisan-artist is able to create.

The Glass Master



Born July 21, 1970 in Venice.

Already at the age of twelve, during school holidays, he began frequenting his father's furnace.

At 15 years old, he leaves high school in order to dedicate himself fulltime to that which, in the course of the years, becomes for him passion and love for glass.

His first experiences in working artistic glass are precious and shining, demonstrating immediately his predisposition to this art, continually nourished by the favorable and stimulating environment which surrounds him.



The Glass Master



Born May 13, 1946 in Reggio, Calabria.

He began his adventure in glass at about age 8, where he joined working in the furnace with obligatory school.

In the first years of work, he ventures into a world which fascinates him, one in which he becomes more and more involved, where creativity, skill, and knowledge of the material bring him to discover an art which becomes a continual challenge to himself.