Gianni Signoretto

Born May 13, 1946 in Reggio, Calabria.

He began his adventure in glass at about age 8, where he joined working in the furnace with obligatory school.

In the first years of work, he ventures into a world which fascinates him, one in which he becomes more and more involved, where creativity, skill, and knowledge of the material bring him to discover an art which becomes a continual challenge to himself.


Through the years, his creative capacity improves thanks to the schooling of various glass masters, which include Alfredo Barbini and Giusto Nichetto. His knowledge of glass was enriched in the 70's where as a master in the sector of objects, he ventures into that of illumination, in such taking up again a new challenge with himself which brings him, in few years, to become a glass master of chandeliers.

Since the '80s, he collaborates with other glass masters and founds with success various societies where he proves himself among the best creators and executors in the sector of illumination.

Achievement in the sector on one hand, and the knowledge to be able to rely on his wife Valeria, and his sons, Loris, Omar and Thomas, on the other, take him into 1990 in another challenge and he decides to found Signoretto Chandeliers.

Even in this, his winning intuition raises again, at the same time stimulating because it allows him to profit from his grand experience in enterprise of significance; in the meantime he brings even more determination to the creation of new lines, new collections, and the continuous research of new working techniques, daily renewing his challenge with himself and with the ever more fascinating world of glass.

And the creation of artistic chandeliers signed by Gianni Signoretto take Signoretto Chandeliers to immediate success, which with the added optimal qualitative results, solidify his leadership in the sector of illumination.

But the challenge continues and since 2004, Gianni ventures into the research and development of a new line of chandeliers, more linear and modern with the goal of suggesting a mixed selection that puts in the market segment something different than the traditional. It is this, his fascinating new collection of chandeliers, that was confirmed in 2007 in the new business catalogue.