Loris Signoretto

Born July 21, 1970 in Venice.

Already at the age of twelve, during school holidays, he began frequenting his father's furnace.

At 15 years old, he leaves high school in order to dedicate himself fulltime to that which, in the course of the years, becomes for him passion and love for glass.

His first experiences in working artistic glass are precious and shining, demonstrating immediately his predisposition to this art, continually nourished by the favorable and stimulating environment which surrounds him.

In 1990, together with his father, Gianni, they decide to form their own business, founding Signoretto Lampadari which, since 1993 with the collabortation of mother, Valeria, and his brothers, first Omar and then Thomas, becomes a family business, the current Signoretto Lampadari, S.n.c.

Following the creative and working capacity of his father, Loris begins to develop his own hand and knowledge of glass, able in a few years to become a true glass master.

In the course of the years, he is able to create his own line of production, and enriches his technical scope, specializing also in the chemical composition and fusion of glass.

Knowledge of the material, skill in working, and attention to details, make Loris presently one of the new generation glass masters, among the most successful and leading experts in the artistic sector of chandeliers.